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Upgrade Alerts

Upgrade Alerts give you a quick snapshot into the power and diversity of the Streamdesk CMS / CRM platform, it also shows you how it is constantly adapting to changes in thinking and technology.

Bulk Product Image Uploads


Have you recently uploaded your Product Catalogue and want to upload all your images quickly and simply?

Well you can now use our bulk image upload to do this. You can upload one or one thousand images at a time.






1: Just click on the Upload Multiple Images

2: Make sure your images are named the same name as your product code

3: Drag and down your images into the dropzone




Contact Attachments with Expiry Dates


Contact Attachment Categories can be used for a variety of documents relating to a contact. It is great for certificates/qualifications which have expiry dates - for example "Working With Children" qualifications


To set a Contact Attachment Category up.

Click on Contacts - then Contact Attachments

1: Add the Code

2: Add Title

3: Choose a descriptive icon

4: Choose a Colour




To upload a Document and Allocate it to a Attachment Category

1: Find the Contact

2: Click on Attachments

3: Choose the Attachment Category

4: Select the Expiry Date

5: Upload your document 




When you search for the Contact you will now see the icon next to their name



Allocate your Web Enquiries to your Employees


Web enquiries are the life blood of any great website. They give you leads, sales, feedback and drive the productivity of your business.

How you deal with those Web Enquiries is very important.

StreamDesk now allows you to allocate the Web Enquiries to your employees. When you allocate a Web Enquiry to an employee it creates a task for that Employee which is linked to the Enquiry and also to the Contacts CRM system

For example:


  • You can allocate your Sales Enquiries to your sales people
  • Membership enquiries to your membership membership people
  • and so on


When you go into your Web Enquiries you will see a new column "Assign to". Choose the Employee you want to assign the Web Enquiry to:





When an employee logs in - they will automatically see which Enquiries has been allocated to them in their daily tasks area.










Managing spam web enquiries

Have you been hit with a flurry of spam enquiries supposedly coming from your website?

Apart from being a nuisance and a time-waster, such enquiries also clutter up your enquiry register and add irrelevant and usually false contact details to your contact database.  Here's how to easily clean up both.

For bulk clean-up



For individual clean-up

1: Click on the Enquiry





When you mark the enquiry as SPAM - the enquiry and the contact is deleted 



Announcing StreamDocs

Announcing our new advanced Electronic Document Management System, StreamDocs http://streamdocs.com.au.  It's fully searchable, and any document described with summary, search terms, key words and stored in any one or more categories.

StreamDocs is a secure, easy to use document management system for efficient document capture and storage, search and retrieval, and file sharing.

StreamDocs adapts to any business model and is the result of cutting edge technology developed to ensure efficient, streamlined productivity and profitability. StreamDocs may be quickly and effortlessly integrated into any size company across multiple industries

Packed full of Features

  • Secure login area
  • Lightboxes
  • Tagging
  • Employee security levels
  • Encrypted files
  • Drag and Drop functionality
  • Mobile Enabled
  • Plus much more

Although StreamDocs can be used as a standalone resource, its features are more fully utilised when an integral part of your StreamDesk console.

Preview of StreamDocs


Upload and download files regardless of what device you are using





Announcing the StreamDesk Form Builder


Another great innovation to the StreamDesk platform is our new Form Builder. You can now simply create user forms and place them anywhere on your website. 

You don’t need to a programmer, developer or even understand HTML to create a form. It's all very simple and user friendly.

Fully integrated with your database and CRM. Contacts are created, enquiries lodged in the database, email alerts sent.

Create any number of forms with no limit. The Streamdesk Form Builder is not only for contact forms. You can also build and design feedback forms, survey forms, job application forms and any other varieties of forms. 





You will first be greeted by the StreamDesk Form Manager which lists your forms which you have created.





First click on the Form Builder at the top of the window. You will then see a list of templates which you can use


Click on the template which is the closest to the one which you want to create - or start from scratch







Once you have chosen and loaded a template you can go about editing your form


Add form elements such as

    • Paragraph
    • Textbox
    • Email
    • Textarea
    • Phone
    • Date
    • Captcha
    • Submit
  • Drop-down List
  • Radio Button
  • Checkbox
  • File Upload
  • Hidden Input


Use drag and drop to move your fields around the form.


You can match the contact form to your website design. You can customize labels and css properties such as:

* background color
* font color
* font style (bold, italic, underline)
* font size
* font family (with 600+ Google Fonts)
* border (width, radius, color)
* and much MORE!








Set what happens when a person submits a form:


  • Email Address (Where The Form Data is Sent To)
  • Set the Email Message  which you will receive
  • Enable Auto Reply to allow the person submitting the form to receive a confirmation email
  • Redirection Setting (After Submission) - You can sent the user to a different webpage after they submit the form 





 Then click on Save Form






Once you have saved your form you can add it to your Pages, Content Items, Events etc with just one click




Your page now has your new form - linked directly to your database




To order this upgrade you must purchase it by clicking here


Give your Content items user interactivity!


Many Streamscape users have hundreds sometimes thousands of content items on their website.

Giving your end users the ability to find, store and reuse those items in as little time as possible is extremely important.

Users of your website can now create Favourite Lists which they can collate interested items on your website and store them for later use while they are browing your site.... or for eternity (if they are logged in)











You can even add a search bar which allows users to search within a particular Content item type.



To order this upgrade - just click the following link




Set your Website on Auto Pilot with our new Auto Publish feature


Your website now has the power to change dynamically without you lifting a finger!

Our new Auto Publish feature allows you to set the dates that Content Item or Menu Items will be published or unpublished on your website.

Enter in a Date From or a Date to or Both. When the current date falls within these dates the item it will be shown on your website (if you have chosen to publish). If you leave the dates blank then the content item will be published permanently on your site again depending on the publish flag setting.

If any given item is set to publish into two different categories, then each can be set independently.  For example, you could set a latest news alert to appear only for a specified period, and at the same time have the main item constantly showing in another category.

Let's assume that the current date is Currrent Date: 27-September-2016.  The behaviour of an item's publishing is shown in the following table.

Publish Flag Auto Publish Date From Auto Publish Date To Published on Site
Yes 1-August-2016   Yes
Yes 1-October-2016   No
Yes 1-August-2016 26-September-2016 No
Yes 30-September-2016   No
Yes 1-August-2016 30-September-2016 Yes
No 1-August-2016   No
No 1-October-2016   No
No 1-August-2016 26-September-2016 No
No 30-September-2016   No
No 1-August-2016 30-September-2016 No





 Just Click on the Date next to the Content Item




You can even set your Menus to be Auto Publish!!

This powerful feature allows you to dynamically build menus, depending on publish dates.


Add Notes to your Emails



Do you want to keep better track of issues or take actions on your emails?

Plus - if you have shared your email with another user on Streamdesk you can now ask questions on your emails for other users to respond to.

Notes on emails now allow you to do this.





Click on the Notes Icon next to your email to see the notes attached to it






Event Upgrade - Breakout Sessions now Available!

Does your event have breakout sessions?

You can now set up your main event to have breakout sessions and track its attendees.

  • Set your main event to have break out sessions
  • Track all breakout events and main events attendees
  • Choose to Charge or not charge for breakout sessions
  • Create newsletters for Breakout sessions
  • Manually add attendees to the breakout sessions
  • Set breakout session limits
  • Plus much more






It's easy to add a breakout session




 End user Breakout Section - Packed full of functionality




Publish your Events into Content Items Lists

Content Items are a major way of distributing information through the StreamScape platform.

You can now publish your events directly into multiple Content Item lists with a single click.



1: Go to your Event

2: Click on Publish In?

3: Select the Content Item lists which you want your event to appear in








Your event is now distributed amongst your Content Item lists.




Announcing the Members Attendance and Meeting Module


Announcing the Members Attendance and Meeting Module


  • Create and manage multiple meeting/attendance events concurrently
  • Add Attendees quickly
  • Manage Member Apologies with one click
  • Set Attendance and Meal Prices
  • Member Guests facility
  • Preloaded Partner Information
  • Non Member facility
  • Store Credit Cards on file for bulk Bank Payment Processing
  • Add Meal and Dietary choices
  • Print Invoices
  • Pay Now or Edit Invoice details
  • Print Attendees
  • Export Attendees and meals to CSV
  • Track Attendance through attendance reports
  • Cancel Attendance
  • Print Bank Batch Run reports
  • Full integration with Xero 



Packed Full of Features



Run Multiple Events and Bank Batch Processing concurrently



To order this Upgrade - you must do it from our Upgrade request link - CLICK HERE 


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