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Upgrade Alerts

Upgrade Alerts give you a quick snapshot into the power and diversity of the Streamdesk CMS / CRM platform, it also shows you how it is constantly adapting to changes in thinking and technology.

Member Activity Upgrade


Track when members/employees log in to the website and how many times.


 Instant Feedback



Detailed Track List




Detailed member activity also coming soon.....

SMS and Track from inside your contacts


You can now:


  • SMS Directly from inside your Contacts
  • Track all the SMS you have sent whether they be Campaigns or Manual Messages.





 To Purchase SMS Credits for your platform - Please Click Here



Web Enquiries Integrated With Your Email Platform



Web enquiries are the life blood of any great website. They give you leads, sales, feedback and drive the productivity of your business.


How you deal with those Web Enquiries is very important.


StreamDesk now has full integration between your web enquiries and your email platform.




View the Email Trail a Web Enquiry has created





Gain Access to your Web Enquiry Directly from your Email System




Update Email, it then updates the status of your Web Enquiry



Better User Interface in your Web Enqiuries









Better SPAM Protection


To better address SPAM across our entire platform, we are rolling out Google ReCaptcha (I am not a Robot) across all our website contact forms for FREE




Anouncing the NEW Refund Module


Our New Refund Module allows you to cancel and refund any payment made within the StreamDesk platform.


  • Payments or Sales can be cancelled directly from StreamDesk with one Click
  • Payments reversed and buyer instantly notified by SMS and email
  • All audit trails reversed while maintaining history of the transaction
  • All done securely behind password and encrytption. 


1. One Touch Refunds




2. Secure with your unique Password




3. Full Audit Trail




To buy this upgrade for your package - click here to request and upgrade


Announcing the NEW SMS Console


Announcing the NEW SMS Console


  • Link to events
  • Guage your recipients
  • Check your Queue
  • Book your SMS campaign to send at any time
  • Better User Interface

Set your Event promotions on SMS Auto Pilot


You can now set your Event Promotions on Auto Pilot using Streamdesk.


  • Send SMS event confirmations
  • Event SMS reminders
  • Set your automatic send SMS date and times
  • All displayed in an easy to use format




Book Virtual Training and Consulation Sessions



You can now book virtual training and consultation sessions with us from StreamDesk. At the top right of StreamDesk where you see Contact us.



New Project Management Functionality


Our Project Management platform has great new functionality:


  • Column searching
  • Sorted by Date Last Activity as default
  • Ticket ID’s
  • Email Response function with email preloading
  • Total Time Spent calculations
  • Last note added
  • Plus loads more


So if you want to know what anyone been working on – on any given day:


  • Search the Staffs Name
  • Search the Date latest Activity column
  • And so on


Announcing StreamDesk Project Management


Announcing StreamDesk Project Management


Create Tasks against Contacts anywhere in StreamScape

  • From Emails
  • Web Enquiries
  • Inside a contact record etc
  • Inside the Project Task module


Features Included:

  • Share with other staff
  • Track
  • Add Budgets
  • Add time taken
  • Add Notes
  • Create Support Tickets
  • Quick and Easy Reporting


Emails Intergrated with Tasks


Our great new Task engine integrates our email system allowing you to easily task an email to any employee, then track it's progress.







Go to your Task Engine

  • Check its status - Critical or Important 
  • Read any notes added by any employee who has been allocated the task
  • Check the other employees who are engaged in the task
  • Check its percentage completion
  • Watch any task
  • Plus loads more




Great New Task Engine


You can now create and set Tasks against contacts from anywhere you seen the SPANNER icon in StreamDesk like in:

  • Emails
  • Contacts
  • Enquiries
  • Sales
  • Any Report area


Extra functions added for Tasks:


  • Add notes against Tasks
  • Track and Watch Tasks



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